The FUTURE partners and staff are well educated and organized as well as professionals in their fields of expertise that focuses on every client and showers them with attention, sure to get exactly what you want when you want it. And it’s that kind of structure and detail that makes the FUTURE a premier electrical and light current contracting company right here in your own backyard. Five departments under the direction of the board of directors are engineering dept., procurement dept., Execution dept., finance dept. and Human resources dept.


Engineering department

All preconstruction services are managed by this department, which include:

Design cycle, project cost estimation, coordination & detailing, BOQ documents &supporting materials, reviews, technical studies for optimizing integrated systems and cooperating in solving technical problems. A host of professional engineers & draftsmen wish 2D/3D CAD modeling and global standards are behind the power of this department.


Procurement Department

Procurement group under the direction of GM works with the following standards for all materials, tools, and products to support our field labor force and project needs with the best possible total cost of ownership: in the right quality and quantity, at the right time, in the right place and from the right source for the use of our company.


Execution department

All site execution services are managed by this department, which include:

The project execution plan (PEP) is the governing document that establishes the means to execute and control projects.  The plan serves as the main communication vehicle to ensure that everyone is aware and knowledgeable of project objectives and how they will be accomplished, all works in our sites executed by professional engineers and technicians in their field, Experienced teams are the power of this department.



Finance department

The main goals of department are to provide the financial statements with relevant, accurate and timely information and guarantee that the required financial revision is closely adhered to in order to protect the assets of the company. it takes care of Finance flow to ensure that the company operates within its financial regulations and satisfies various financial requirements .it also ensures that the company financial records comply with internal and external audits.


HR department

Main duties of HR department are to: Assure the quality and diversity of our workforce, attract, develop, and retain valuable people, enable managers to manage subordinates fairly, help employees become more capable to perform their assignments at peak efficiency in a supportive and challenging work environment and develop, communicate, and implement HR policies, systems and processes. Our certified HR professionals are continually improving and according to international form

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